People Are Burning 'Harry Potter' Books, & J.K. Rowling Has a SAVAGE Response

Besides her incredible books that (let’s be honest) we all fangirled over as kids, J.K. Rowling has made quite a name for herself on Twitter. Her savage, biting responses to haters bring out the nasty woman in all of us—especially when our favorite childhood books are threatened.

For a Twitter user that claimed they’d “burn all her books and movies,” J.K. Rowling fired back with a classically nasty response.

And just a day after that, another Harry Potter fan of 17 years tweeted they’d burned all their books. Rowling didn’t miss a beat.

Since Trump’s inauguration, Rowling has been super vocal about her political beliefs and some (former) Harry Potter fans just aren’t having it. But seriously, do you really have to burn books? We think not, but it’s definitely produced some amusing Tweets. Here are more of our faves: