Paris Police Have Arrested 17 People in Connection to Kim Kardashian's Robbery

Early Monday morning, 17 people were arrested and detained by Paris police in connection to the robbery of Kim Kardashian that occurred in October. Their ages range from 23 to 73, but most are in their 50s. An older group insinuates that they were experienced robbers. 

During the Oct. 3 raid, thiefs came into Kim's apartment dressed as policemen, held her at gunpoint, tied her up, locked her in the bathroom and stole at least $10.5 million in jewelry. Kim was not harmed, but she was left badly shaken and terrified. We don't blame her.

BBC reports that they were able to find the suspects because of scant amounts of DNA that had been left on the $28,000 pendant they dropped on their way out of the hotel and on the material they used to tie up Kim K. Police searched throughout the city of Paris as well as in the suburbs of Raincy and Vincenne, and found that one of the gang members had a history of robbery and other criminal offenses.

After they discovered the DNA, police tapped into the suspects' phones and tracked a meeting between one of the suspects and a potential jewelry buyer. They now have 96 hours to question the detainees. Cosmopolitan reports that Kim will be required to be involved with identifying suspects, but it's not known if she will have to return to Paris.

This comes just after Kim made her reappearance on social media, posting a photo of herself, Kanye and their two children and captioning it "family." We wish her and her family the best as they work towards justice.