Paris Hilton Thinks ISIS Might Be Coming for Her

It's been awhile since Paris Hilton has made headlines. But, don’t think that just because the heiress has been out of the spotlight that she hasn’t been paying attention to how dangerous the world is becoming.

As ISIS continues to claim responsibility for the deadly terrorist attacks that have been occurring across the world, people are becoming more and more fearful of what will happen next.

Well, Paris Hilton, the reality starlet-turned-DJ, who has been living in places like Ibiza for a while, thinks that she could possibly be targeted by the terrorist group.

During an interview with the Spanish paper Diario de Ibiza, Hilton detailed her worries that she could be attacked due to her fame.

According to the Daily Mail, she said, “I’m constantly moving around from one country to another and I’m a famous person who could be a definite target for an attack and that is something that sometimes terrifies me.”

However, Hilton is not going to let her fear hold her back. “I’m also a very free person who tries not to be afraid of anything,” she said. “I just make sure I always watch my back. I always go out alone and without security. Many celebs have ten bodyguards but I like to go out with my friends and be normal because I want to be like everyone else. I’m not going to give up anything.”

Well, at least we know Paris Hilton will not let ISIS keep her down.