Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie Just Reunited & Now I'm Dreaming Of A 'Simple Life' Reboot

Take a deep breath: former BFFs Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton REUNITED. The two were spotted talking at The Daily Front Row's Fashion Los Angeles Awards over the weekend.

They seemed to be all smiles, and E! News reports that in addition to chatting, Nicole and Paris shared a hug. 

There's no talking about the 2000s without mentioning Nicole and Paris. Their iconic friendship was constantly on full display in tabloid magazines, during red carpet appearances, and most notably, on their own reality TV show, The Simple Life.

Unfortunately, the two had a falling out in in 2005. While they ended up resolving their feud (and even filming another season of the show), their friendship never really went back to what it was.

In 2014, Richie told Andy Cohen on an episode of Watch What Happens Live that although she and Paris remain on good terms, they hadn't spoken for awhile. There have been a few instances between the two since then — including an Instagram TBT from Paris — but the recent spotting is the first public one in awhile. 

I sincerely hope Nicole and Paris are on good terms, and I'll forever continue to dream of a Simple Life reboot.