A 'One Tree Hill' Reboot Could Happen, According to Tyler Hilton & I'm Freaking Out

We live in a glorious day and age where many of our favorite TV shows from the 90s and early 2000s are being brought back to our screens. From Gilmore Girls in 2016 to Roseanne just recently, there's potential for our beloved shows to make a return once again.

Tyler Hilton (who played often loathed Chris Keller), recently hinted at One Tree Hill becoming the next possible TV comeback, and we can already hear the iconic theme song in our heads. 

“Dude, we ask that every year. Who knows? I mean, it’s so random,” he told Us Weekly at WE Day’s Party With a Purpose x PacSun on Wednesday. “But I’m so into Roseanne and every time I’m asked about it, I’m like, ‘It could happen. You never know.’”

After being asked if he still spoke to his former cast members, he went on to state: “Yeah, we do actually. I mean, it’s crazy. We have, like, nine years, and through our formative years too and, like, our college years, which I feel like some of your closest friends come out of. So we see each other all the time. Also, there’s conventions still around the world. We see each other every year at those. And I’m playing at the Troubadour next Thursday, and so a lot of them are coming out to that too, which will be fun. I’m playing with Kate Voegele, who’s also on the show.”

If Chris Keller hints that this revival might be a possibility, then I'll cross my fingers and hope that the O.C. is next. 

Netflix should just get on top of rebooting all of our beloved angsty teen dramas tbh.