OMG Yes, Kylie Jenner Is Getting Her Own Spinoff

If you can’t get enough of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and all the latest KarJenner antics, fear not because E! is about to give the people what they want. I mean, who wouldn’t crave more of this crazy A-list fam?! This particular news involves a member of the family that's no stranger to Instagram fame and may or may not be an idol for most twenty-something girls. Yep, Kylie Jenner is getting her own show, and we aren’t even mad.

Life of Kylie will air on E! this summer. The season will be eight episodes long, according to E!, and will give us more insight into the multimillionairess's daily life, even if it makes us struggling college kids green with envy.

"These couple years have been such an incredible journey with the support of my fans," Kylie told E! about her upcoming series. "This show will allow me to give them a peek inside all of the exciting things I am working on as well as some personal time with friends."

What else can we expect? Apparently more than just a BTS peek at Kylie Cosmetics. There will be appearances by Kylie's bestie Jordyn Woods and of course, her famous family, so we won’t just have to watch KUWTK to catch the latest drama.

Not only will Kylie be the star of Life of Kylie, but she’s also an executive producer. What can’t she do?

Though the series is at least a few months away, we can’t help but be a little excited. Kylie Jenner is about to take over your TV (again!). Brb, texting all my girlfriends the news.