OMG, President Trump's Alleged Mistress Stormy Daniels Will Appear on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' After the State of the Union

Absolutely nothing is normal now, so it shouldn't be a surprise that President Trump's first State of the Union on Tuesday will be followed by an interview with his alleged mistress.

Jimmy Kimmel made the announcement late Thursday night in a tweet, adding what can be assumed to be a sarcastic "#MAGA."

Although Kimmel said he has "MANY QUESTIONS," Daniels may not be able to answer them. In 2016, she received $130,000 "in return for her agreeing to not publicly discuss an alleged sexual encounter with Mr. Trump," according to the Wall Street Journal. The White House has since denied any such relationship.

Regardless, I know where I'll be tuning into on Tuesday night. Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs weeknights at 11:35 pm ET.