Olivia Munn's Superhero Diet Will Blow Your Mind

To get in shape for her role as Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse, actress Olivia Munn did something a little bit psycho—she put herself on the 20-80 regimen.

Munn told Women’s Health that on top of working out every day, she followed an extreme diet plan, eating 80 percent fruit and vegetables and 20 percent “whatever.”

“My intention was to just get as fit and as healthy as I could be, for myself,” Munn says. The combination of this diet and her workouts helped Munn lose 12 pounds, which led to rapid fire rumors that she’d taken drastic, unhealthy measures to lose weight so quickly.

Munn isn’t taken aback by the rumors, though. She’s just happy to feel physically fit and healthy. She pointed out that her weight loss method wasn’t a special Hollywood secret.

“A lot of times, people want to hoard their secrets to themselves,” she says. “But whenever I learn things now…I want to tell anyone who wants to listen about them.”

However, Women’s Health also pointed out the dangers of Munn’s diet. If the math alone isn’t enough to drain your brain, then the lack of protein will surely do the trick. Also, because the extreme amounts of fruit cause your blood sugar to rise and fall super quickly, you’ll always feel hungry.

While the 20-80 diet may have worked for Olivia Munn, balancing your diet to include enough protein and healthy fats is a much better idea. And, as always, be sure to talk with your doctor before jumping aboard any dieting bandwagons. Remember: a magazine cover doesn’t make someone into an automatic health expert.