Olivia Munn Shut Down Those Chris Pratt Dating Rumors in the Best Way Possible

Rumors fly around like confetti in the Hollywood world, and a recent one involves a "romantic" dinner between Olivia Munn and Chris Pratt, which naturally sparked dating rumors. Pratt just recently split from fellow actress Anna Farris in December 2017 after eight years together. The rumor was obviously a hot topic considering the recent divorce, but Munn made sure to let everyone know the rumors simply weren't true. 

Her main goal was to tell Farris directly that the rumor was just that — a false assumption. Munn texted Farris and shared the conversation via Instagram story. Honestly, Anna couldn't be sweeter in her response, BTW.

Isn't that just the nicest interaction ever? Anna was clearly very understanding, which Olivia brought up in several stories preceding this text screenshot. She built up the screenshot of their conversation by expressing several things about the rumor. First, she mentioned that breakups don't always leave a woman upset, which I assume she's talking about Farris.

Next, she said that not all women get mad at each other for dating their exes, which once again probably refers to Farris and Munn. 

Then she mentioned that because of these things, her and Anna are totally good, despite the rumors flying around.

Then she reminded us how important it is for women to support other women.

Finally, she cracked a little joke about what it'd be like if she was *actually* dating Chris Pratt.

After all of this, how could you not love Olivia for her honesty and sense of humor? I'm so glad she made sure to let everyone know that you can't believe everything you read.