Olivia Culpo Opened Up About Nick Jonas' Engagement To Priyanka Chopra & It's Honestly So Sweet

ICYMI: Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are engaged and while 12-year-old me is still crying in the corner holding my Jonas Brothers poster, Nick's ex Olivia Culpo is totally happy for them. That makes one of us-sorry, not sorry. 

The 26-year-old model was asked about the elephant in the room, naturally, and honestly her response was so sweet, I couldn't imagine reacting the same. "I think that any time anybody can find love, especially in this industrybecause it’s difficult. You can see there’s a track record of things not working out," Olivia told PEOPLE. “So I’m so happy for him.” Awwww. 

"I wish that everybody can find love and happiness," she continued. "That does not mean that I would not wish that for him.” Honestly, could Olivia be any more understanding about it all?

I mean, I know, it's been a minute since she was with Nick, but I feel like he'd be hard to get over, considering they were together for two years. Also, have you seen the man?! Swoon. But, it looks like she's found her own bliss, anyway, as she's still with the Miami Dolphins wide receiver Danny Amendola.

Hey, some people prefer long-term relationships before engagements, it just so happens that Priyanka and Nick aren't one of those couples. Seriously though, as much as I wish I was Priyanka, this wedding will be stunning and a part of me just can't wait.