'Now You See Me' Trailer: The Must-See Movie This May

What if magic were real? Really, really real? Not the magic from Disney movies or children's parties, but the kind that makes you question how the world works. That kind of magic! Well, you'll have a chance to reimagine your interpretation of magic in theatres May 31 when the newest film directed by Louis Leterrier premieres on the silver screen.

In Now You See Me, four magicians pull the grandest heist ever seen when they steal millions of dollars and shower their audience with cold, hard cash. Drawing from a biblical reference, the magicians call themselves the Four Horseman, and they operate like a magical Robin Hood who disagrees with the greed of the era and wants to start a new revolution.

"Come in close," Morgan Freeman says. "Because the more you think you see, the easier it will be to fool you." Don't blink.