Now You Can Relive Your Childhood & PowerPuff Yourself

If you haven't already heard, you can create yourself as a Powerpuff from the hit show Powerpuff Girls. There's no gender limitation on these creations, though, so you can really go wild! Give yourself a pet and colorful hair while you're at it.

Cartoon Network launched the website to promote the reboot of PowerPuff Girls (Monday 6 p.m. ET/PT). It's obviously working, since #PowerpuffYourself was trending on Twitter.

Of course, since the site's launch, it's been a hit for creating celebrity and fictional Powerpuffs. Who wouldn't want to see Beyonce or One Direction as a two-dimensional children's cartoon character?

Entertainment Weekly went ahead and Powerpuffed all the members of One Direction, with adequate apologies because the app doesn't have a hairstyle that accurately matches Harry Styles'. 

This is sure to be everyone's latest excuse for not studying.