This Is Not A Drill: Katy Perry Literally Extended An Olive Branch To Taylor Swift & It Appears Their Feud Is Over

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry haven't exactly been best friends for the past few years. The longstanding feud could be attributed to a number of things — Katy dating John Mayer after Taylor, or one of Taylor's dancers ditching her tour to go work with Katy —but regardless of how it began, the feud has since been very public. The two have even recorded diss tracks about each other: Taylor's Bad Blood and Katy's Swish Swish.

But all of that appears to be in the past after an Instagram story from Taylor on Tuesday.

In a video, Taylor shows a package that Katy sent her — and it turns out to be an olive branch (AKA the symbol of peace). KATY LITERALLY EXTENDED AN OLIVE BRANCH. 

There was also a note, which a number of investigative Twitter users have since transcribed despite the blurry text. A couple words may be off, but the general consensus seems to be that the letter reads: "Hey old friend," followed by, "I've been doing some reflecting on past miscommunications and hurt feelings between us. I really want to clear the air... I'm deeply sorry for..."

The letter then cuts off — but you get the point. Taylor captioned the video with "Thank you Katy" and a pink heart emoji. 

The reconciliation fell on the first night of Taylor's Reputation tour. Twitter users seemed to be in awe.

But mostly, everyone was happy.

Now can the two do a duet? Here's to hoping!