North West Turning Her Time-Out into a Spa Day Is All of Us

Did any of us need any further proof that North West is basically the most fabulous toddler ever? From telling the paparazzi "no pictures, please," to dressing better than basically all of us, North clearly takes after her celeb fam - and the hilarious way she handled her time-out is even further proof.

Most of us probably remember the dreaded "time-out" - you do something wrong and spend an extended, unbearable amount of time staring at the same wall in your childhood home. It's just a shame that none of us thought of North's time-out hack: turning it into a relaxing spa day - seriously.

Kim Kardashian took to Twitter on Tuesday to share a LOL-worthy photo of what she found when she returned after putting North on a time-out. "That time North gets a time out &is a little too quiet...I go in her room 2check on her &she made her own spa &tells me she's chilling out," Kim captioned the photo she posted. Honestly, the picture of little North propped up on a pillow with a towel on her legs and a tissue covering her eyes is pretty much priceless.

Indeed, she looks pretty chill to me - and I'm not going to lie, with finals week right around the corner, this looks like a pretty decent way to cope with life's struggles. A bit ~extra~? Sure. Effective? Absolutely.