Nick Viall & Vanessa Grimaldi Might Not Want A Televised Wedding

If you were looking forward to the possibility of televised nuptials between Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi, the chances seem to be quite slim, Bachelor Nation. In a Facebook Live interview with Extra's Mario Lopez, Viall sounded less than thrilled at the thought of participating in more reality TV festivities, especially when it comes to getting married

"I mean I've never really planned on doing any of this... they just kind of happened. My guess is I'll probably start steering away from the reality TV world," said Viall when Lopez asked if DWTS was the last reality show for him. "I certainly think I'm done in terms of any show about my love life."

Lopez, the hero that he is, pressed further about whether there will be a televised wedding or not. "There's always a possibility. The thing about the wedding shows is that there's a lot of Bachelor engaged couples—they don't always do weddings," explained Viall. Fair enough! 

"Vanessa and I are just focused on our relationship," he continued. "When we decide it's time for us to take that next step, we're just going to plan a wedding, and if the show wants us, great, and if not… We're not really focused on whether it's going to be televised or not. I've been really grateful for my opportunities but I see myself probably getting away from the reality TV way of life."

Although this news may come as a disappointment for some, we can totally see where Nick is coming from. As a man who's been in the spotlight for quite some time, we'd want some privacy too if we were in his shoes. Here's to hoping, right?