Niall Horan Says He Would Drop Everything He's Doing for a One Direction Reunion

From the moment One Direction started to break up, our teenage hearts began holding onto the hope that the band would one day reunite as the fivesome we all knew and loved. And apparently one member of 1D has held onto that very same hope.

That's right. In a new interview with Billboard, Niall Horan shared that he too hopes a 1D reunion will happen someday—and soon. (Well, sooner than later, that is.)

“I told my ­managers from the start: When One Direction comes knocking, fook what I’m doing," Niall said. "I don’t give a shit if I sold out arenas or won Grammys. I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for that.”

Niall confirmed that he and the other 1D members still talk regularly but have yet to have a conversation about how long it will be until they reunite. For now, he sees Louis Tomlinson regularly and just recently went shopping for Liam Payne's newborn son Bear. 

Horan thinks that even 1D's most outspoken member, Zayn Malik, will be back on board for a reunion when the time comes. “We’ll always have mutual respect. When we get back to the band, he’ll be at the forefront again."

Though the future is now bright for Directioners, the band has no concrete plans for the reunion. “When it will be, I don’t know," Niall said. "I ­prefer not to do it after I’m 40. I’d prefer the next few years.”

Same, Niall. Same.