A New Netflix Survey Indicates That Pets Are the Best Binge-Watching Buddies & We Totally Agree

There’s nothing more relaxing than getting home from a long day of classes or work and pulling out your laptop for a good ol’ Netflix binge. You change into your coziest sweats and grab the fluffiest blanket you can find to make sure the experience is absolutely perfect, especially if you haven’t had a proper binge in a few days. The only thing missing is someone to hang out with you and watch your favorite shows. Nowadays, Netflix and chill is totally overrated because who wants to ruin the ultimate marathon? According to a new survey conducted by Netflix, the best binge-watching buddies will snuggle with you for hours and never interrupt at the most important parts—your pet.

Image from Netflix

In fact, nearly 71 percent of members believe their pet is the best binge watch partner, while 84 percent of members have watched Netflix with their pet. Many people treat their pets as part of the family, and 47 percent of members have moved where they were sitting so their pet would be more comfortable watching. Twenty-eight percent of members have turned to their pet for comfort during upsetting or terrifying scenes. Even more strangely, 27 percent of members have conversed with their pet about the show or movie they were watching together. Among the most popular shows to watch with a pet are Stranger ThingsFuller House, 13 Reasons Why, Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. ​For some more interesting statistics, you can check out the rest of the survey results below!

And if you've never watched Netflix with a pet before, go to your local animal shelter and pick out the cutest pup or kitty you can find, because you'll be doing yourself and your new buddy a huge favor.