This New 'Gilmore Girls' Spoiler Suggests You Should Bet On Team Logan

With the majority of Gilmore Girls fans in the Team Jess camp, we kind of figured Rory ending up with Jess, whether by the end of the Gilmore Girls revival or just as endgame in general, was a given. But it appears we've underestimated the power of Logan Huntzberger.

In this week's Gilmore-centered Entertainment Weekly cover story, Matt Czuchry, Logan's portrayer, reveals that while he's happy Rory didn't accept Logan's proposal at the end of season seven, he's an even bigger fan of the ending Rory and her college sweetheart get in the Netflix revival. "In the original series, I was happy that Rory said no to Logan because I feel like, at that particular time, it wasn’t right for Rory to get married to anybody, and it shows her strength and her independence, which has always been I think a very powerful theme of the show. I love that ending for the original series.”

“In terms of where things are at the end of these four chapters for Logan and Rory, it’s pretty special. I’ll say that,” Czuchry adds. “It’s very, very special.”

Your guess is as good as ours for what that means, but it seems to point toward reconciliation or at least an amiable relationship between the pair. Regardless, it's probably best not to jump to conclusions until we've seen the revival in its entirety. Until then, this info will most definitely be keeping us up at night.