Netflix Decided to Make a Sequel To 'Bright,' The Orc-Filled Cop Thriller Everyone Was Hate-Watching Over The Holidays

It looks like Netflix doesn't care what anyone thinks. The streaming service just announced they are filming a sequel to the original movie "Bright" featuring Will Smith. The first movie didn't do so well, as it received multiple reviews calling it the "worst movie of the year" for 2017.

According to Variety, the second movie will have its same leading men, Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. David Ayer will still write and direct the new movie, with Eric Newman and Bryan Unkeless as producers. The first installment was centered around two LA cops in a universe with both humans and creatures of fantasy. Will Smith was a human and his partner, played by Edgerton, was an "orc," one of the fantasy creatures in the film. It looks like the plot won't change much after looking at Netflix's tweet, which told followers that casting for the creatures is over as of Wednesday morning.

Twitter users are left totally confused by Netflix and its choice to create a sequel when "Bright" received such poor reviews.

Love it or hate it, the movie did well on the streaming service. "Netflix touted 'Bright' as the highest-viewed original film ever on the service in its launch week and one of the biggest originals it has ever debuted," according to Variety. "They also added that “Bright” is the No. 1 movie on Netflix in every country, with more international than domestic viewers." That's a big accomplishment for the "worst movie of the year."

It sounds like people did a lot of hate-watching when it came out, but hey, sometimes, you have to see for yourself. Let's hope the sequel is better than the original. Even if you won't admit it, you'll probably watch it to see if Netflix put a good use to their $90 million filming budget. I know I probably will.