Nancy & Jonathan from 'Stranger Things' Might Be Dating IRL & No, This Is Not a Drill

Stranger Things fans, get ready to lose your chill. In case you're bummed because you already made it through binge watching season two, we have some good news to cheer you up: Nancy and Jonathan, a.k.a. Charlie Heaton and Natalia Dyer, might be dating IRL.

Us Weekly reports that the two were spotted on vacation in Paris over the weekend holding hands (and generally looking adorable AF together). While there's been some speculation that Heaton and Dyer were dating as early as January of this year, these latest photos of them, which also show Charlie with his arm around Natalia and the maybe-couple sharing a pair of headphones, all but seem to confirm the rumors.

Of course, fans are absolutely thrilled about the whole thing:

Heaton and Dyer have yet to confirm anything for sure, which is understandable considering all the current Stranger Things buzz happening following the drop of season two, but let's just say their chemistry definitely isn't limited to the screen.