Miss Teen USA Competition is Getting Rid of Swimwear

After it was reported last month that Miss Teen USA contestants will not be wearing swimsuits at the pageant next weekend in Vegas, we rejoiced. But what would contestants be required to wear instead? Thanks to E! Online, that mystery has been solved. 

This year, instead of bathing suits, the contestants will be wearing custom athletic wear from Tapout, a global fitness brand, and designer Goldsheep, according to Cosmopolitan. Each state’s contestant will have a different outfit made specifically for them. So no more matching outfits! 

And if imagining these pieces wasn’t enough, here are the actual outfits for Kansas and California (they're actually beyond cute): 

Let’s hear it for fitness and health being more important than how good someone looks in a bikini! To see this incredible progress for yourself, tune in on July 30th on MissTeenUSA.com at 8 p.m. ET.