Mindy Kaling's Friends Threw Her a Holiday Party After the Birth of Her Baby Girl & It Sounded Amazing

Mindy Kaling just gave birth to her new baby girl on Dec. 15, so I'm sure holiday parties were the last thing on her mind. The actress clearly has the best friends though, because they threw her a themed holiday party and it sounded amazing. 

The holiday party was themed after the movie You've Got Mail, with an incredible menu to match. Kaling posted a picture of the menu with the caption, "I usually do a holiday dinner with the young women that work with me but I’ve had a busy week! So they brought the holiday dinner to me. It’s a You’ve Got Mail Norah Ephron-themed holiday dinner, cooked and orchestrated by @asekar95 and @yo_its_hmo and it’s happening TONIGHT at my house. Look at this menu! Look at these Nora Ephron deep cuts! (Maybe for dessert we will have coffee... Patricia? Patricia’s amazing. Patricia makes coffee nervous.)"

OMG, High Maintenance Truffle Cauliflower Soup and Dark Side Chicken?! Count me in. This menu sounds delicious and the little graphics on it are so cute. The menu alone gives me FOMO, so I'm sure the party was filled with so much joy and laughter. 

The party isn't the only You've Got Mail reference in Kaling's life. She just named her new daughter Katherine, which sounds to me like it could be a reference to the 90s movie. Kaling has thought about Katherine Kaling for a little bit and said she "loved the alleteration."

We all know she loves the movie, as she's talked about it before. Back in 2010, she said, "But I love You You’ve Got Mail. [The first time I watched it I was 18 and] I was very intimidated by New York and I didn't know it very well, and this movie really helped me, it made me fall in love with the city — it’s such a love letter to New York. I went to all the places in the film. And I decided that I love the Upper West Side. I remember watching it during Christmas and thinking, 'I wonder if I’ll ever have a really cute boyfriend like Tom Hanks, and sing carols around a piano?'" Girl, don't we all?

So maybe Katherine Kaling is a way to show Mindy's love for the rom-com. Kathleen Kelly and Katherine Kaling? Sounds close to me. The party seems to solidify this assumption, TBH. 

Regardless of whether it's definitely a reference or not, it's clear that Mindy is enjoying her time as a new mother surrounded by friends who care enough to throw her a holiday themed party. BRB, planning one of my own right now.