Milo Ventimiglia Spills New Details About Jess's Involvement in the 'Gilmore Girls' Revival

There is nothing getting us through the next two months more than knowing that in a very short time Gilmore Girls will be back in our lives officially. 

With the whole Stars Hollow community coming back to our screens (and hearts), there are so many possibilities with how the show could truly end! But tbh, the only thing we really care about is what is going to happen between Rory, Jess, Dean and Logan. Luckily, thanks to Collider, Milo Ventimiglia, the man who plays Jess, gave us some inside scoop about where his character is at eight years later. 

“It was all very much on the page,” he said. “I didn’t have to dream too far about who he was. I definitely went back and looked at the last three episodes that Jess was in, just to see where his head was at when he last left and to understand the dynamic between Rory and Luke and just his own journey in life.”

As if that weren’t enough, he continued, “I’d never really dreamed about where he would go or what he’d be up to or the shenanigans he’d be imposing on anyone else, but I was happy with where they placed him, in relation to everyone else. Jess’ purpose to being in these new four episodes, I was really happy about it.”

Okay, so now we really can’t wait until Gilmore Girls returns to Netflix on November 25th. #TeamJess forever <3