Miley Cyrus Just Gave an Egg-cellent Response To Those Pregnancy Rumors

On Wednesday, Daily Mail announced that Miley Cyrus is pregnant with her and now-husband Liam Hemsworth’s first child—but there’s no need to cry happy tears just yet (and no need to panic if you’re still holding out hope that Liam will marry you instead). As confirmed by Miley herself in the best way possible, the rumors are most definitely not true.

Miley took to Twitter to debunk the rumor by photoshopping the now-viral World Record Egg (you know, the one that has more likes than Kylie Jenner) onto her stomach, and responded to Daily Mail’s tweet with a series of perfect puns proving that she and Liam will not be having a baby anytime soon.

“I’m not 'Egg-xpecting' but it’s 'Egg-celent' to hear everyone is so 'Happy For Us'....we’re happy for us too! 'Egg-cited' for this next chapter in our lives.... Now, can everyone leave me alone and go back to staring at an egg,” she wrote.

Her humor definitely helped us get over the heartbreak of realizing that there won’t be an adorable baby Hemsworth coming to the world any time soon. But don’t worry, the two have only been married for 25 days (their wedding date was December 23), so there’s plenty of time.