Miley Cyrus Explains How Much She Regrets Going Blonde

In what can only be described as an essay, pop star Miley Cyrus went on an Instagram rant that proves that blondes don’t always have more fun.

Like only she can, the “Can’t Be Tamed” singer simultaneously turned her hair-dye-gone-wrong experience into an existential crisis and socio-political issue. The star writes, “I felt like a self-obsessed psycho while real issues are out there in the world needing to be dealt with…Donald Trump is running for president (successfully) and climate change is extremely real and scary.”


Learned a valuable lesson in this meaningless process. Bleached my fucking natural healthy a$$ hair rebelling out of boredom while dealing with a consecutive amount of time off on the Woody project ( 2 months ago)! Sitting in a random  apartment with nothing to do but smoke weed (which I should've just appreciated) and fuck with my hair obvi, something inside told me I'd regret it.... That hair color comes in a box (well maybe mine)  therefore it's available to purchase and what grows from my scalp naturally is mine and and only mine!!! Not to mention I felt like a self obsessed psycho while real issues are out there in the world needing to be dealt with I was sitting in front of a mirror going thru strand by strand like my hair and what it looks like actually fucking matters! lol and now I'm out here looking like every Suzy Q & Sally B there is.... Either this shit needs to grow out at super speed or I'm about to go in for a fuckin hair cut realllllll quick!!! #imisstheoldme but I guess even writing this hunk of bull shit means I am thinking about my hair which is equally as lame and self obsessed as all of the above because really this fucking mop will make no difference to that fact Donald Trump is running for president (successfully) and  climate change is extremely real and scary. So please fellow humans next time you feel that tickle in your belly while making a decision listen to what it says and know the true you can never be replicated or replaced you are the one and only you! So bad assssss! Ps if you ever start overthinking shit especially something as silly as hair.... go outside, smell a flower, center your thoughts and find something productive to do with your time.... I wish I would've taken a toke of my own medicine.... Everything is a learning experience.... Even hair LOL PPS this isn't to discredit hair cuts/color as a tool and creative way to express yourself!!!! So if a change is something that feels right to you - fucking DO IT! Don't over think it because in the end it is fucking hair and nothing you do is detrimental and will just be a new chapter for you ❤️ my life is done chronologically in hair styles lol !!!!

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Cyrus describes the whole thing as a valuable life lesson, joking at the end of her rant, “Everything is a learning experience… even hair LOL.” And although going platinum blonde wasn’t for her, she is careful to emphasize, “This isn’t to discredit haircuts/color as a tool and creative way to express yourself.” She says, “If a change is something that feels right to you – fucking DO IT!”

We feel you, Miley. We feel you.