Miley Cyrus Drops Music Video For Her New Song ‘Nothing Breaks Like A Heart’ & It Has A Powerful Message About Gun Control

You guys, Miley Cyrus is back with another bop!

Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson’s new song “Nothing Breaks Like A Heart” dropped on Thursday night with a music video that powerfully touches on the political culture we are currently in. It definitely looks like Cyrus, Ronson, and the entire team put so much thought and attention to the details in this video. While the song seems to explore the heartbreak at the end of a relationship, the music video really delves into Cyrus’s political and social heartbreak. 

There’s plenty of socio-political commentary in the music video about important issues such as police brutality, gun control, and sexual assault. The video opens with a child wearing headphones and playing with bullets like they were toys. The scene then jumps to Cyrus, who is seen speeding down the highway with multiple cop cars behind her. The chase appears to be a distraction from other larger issues as the “Malibu” singer drives through a group of priests at a strip club, a gun range where kids are shooting at children’s outlines, and a group of football players who are kneeling. The children at the shooting range actually hit Cyrus’s car window, with one bullet souring directly in front of her face. There’s no reaction, not even a flinch, to the bullets. It’s definitely discomforting to watch, but it’s a powerful statement on how guns and gun violence has become too much of a norm in American culture. 

“This world can hurt you/ It cuts you deep and leaves a scar,” Cyrus sings. “Things fall apart/ Nothing breaks like a heart/ Nothing breaks like a heart.” 

There are also a ton of Easter Eggs in the video that are hard to notice, unless you are really paying attention. When Cyrus’s car flips at the end, for instance, you can find condoms, tampons, and a vape pen. She even pays tribute to all her past eras. 

According to ENews, Cyrus returned to Instagram three days ago after a four-month break to promote the new song. Her account had been wiped, and she posted a picture of a cracked heart-shaped disco ball. She continued to post bits and pieces of the tracks title, sneak peek videos of the official music video, and audio previews of the song. Those sneak peaks have since been cleared and replaced with the music videos announcement

Cyrus and Ronson are set to perform the single on Dec. 15 on Saturday Night Live