Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Are Expecting Their First Child & It's Already Making History

First comes royal love, then comes royal marriage, then comes… you know the rest.

Kensington Palace announced this morning that Prince Harry, 34, and Meghan Markle, 37, are expecting their first child. The newly wed Duke and Duchess of Sussex are fresh from their highly publicized wedding this May at Windsor Castle in London.

Prince Harry prophesized about the addition to his family to BBC News in November after news of his and Markle’s engagement, “Hopefully we’ll start a family in the near future.”

Harry and Meghan’s baby will join the newest generation of the British royal family alongside the family of Harry’s brother Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton: Prince George, 5, Princess Charlotte, 3, and newborn Prince Louis. According to The New York Times, baby Markle-Windsor will be seventh in line to the British throne—but, unlike its cousins, will not carry the title of Prince or Princess.

Meghan made waves as a nontraditional royal wife: she’s biracial, American, divorced, and a self-described feminist. The baby will supposedly have to pay American taxes due to its mother’s dual citizenship. But if being a royal kid also meant growing up in a big ol’ palace, I would gladly take the taxes.

Baby Markle-Windsor is due in spring 2019, around the same time as another big British event. Because the United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the European Union in March 2019, speculators on the Internet have been joking about a topical potential name for the baby.

I just hope that Harry and Meghan’s dogs, Guy the beagle and a black Labrador who is NOT named Oz, won’t get too jealous of all the attention that the new baby will be getting.