'Manifest': How Each Character is Owning Their Truth

The truth can be subjective, it can mean something different to everyone. What is important is that you own your truth, which in last week's episode of Manifest, some characters succeeded in doing—while others failed. It is also something the mysterious voice has been promoting and was also the reason Kelly Taylor was murdered at the end of episode two.

Kelly Taylor's attempt to own her truth

After returning on Flight 828, Kelly Taylor became convinced she had a special "calling" that led her to speak to the media. Throughout all of her interviews, she consistently said the phrase "own your truth," which Michaela later realizes it's something the mysterious voices has been telling her as well. Kelly was also aware the government had been keeping tabs on her—she heard a clicking on the phone and saw black SUVs everywhere she went. Kelly also became convinced that she needed to live her life differently, that she needed to be more humble and more charitable. This moral change led her to work for illegal immigrants, rather than use their status as a way to leverage loan repayment. On the way towards figuring this out, Michaela and Ben pass by a clock that states the time as being 8:28, harking back to the realizations of episode one. 

The real question is, what did Kelly know that led to her murder? By the end of the episode, no one had confessed to the murder, even though there were plenty of suspects. For attempting to ferret out the truth, she ended up causing more confusion than illuminating the situation. There is also all the blame she put on the government and the questions she asked of them—is this suspicion something the mysterious voice induced, or did she know something we didn't? 

Michaela's truth about the car accident that killed her best friend

Since the pilot episode, it has been clear Michaela has been struggling with guilt over her involvement in a car accident that killed one of her best friends. In episode three, we finally found out the whole story and the truth of how much it has affected Michaela. As shown in a series of flashbacks, Michaela and her friend Evie were out celebrating and both ended the night drunk. Though Michaela tried to convince her friend to take an Uber, Evie protested, saying that Michaela could drive, even though she had also been drinking, because she needed her car the next morning. Michaela chose to do so, which in the end led to Evie's death.

Now, whenever Michaela attempts to drive, she flashes back to the night of the accident. She decided not to disclose this fact to her psychologist nor the police department, which is how she still managed to be reinstated. Over the course of the episode, Michaela tries to explain her actions and reveal the truth of the incident to Evie's parents. Unfortunately, over the last five-and-a-half years, Evie's mother has fallen ill with dementia, causing her to believe Evie is still alive and to get lost after leaving home. It is her wandering that leads Michaela to finally get back into the driver's seat to find Evie's mother and at the same time, miraculously discover a suspect for Kelly Taylor's murder. Everything happens for a reason in Manifest, and there's no saying how deep this idea goes. 

Grace's truth about her lover Danny

Ben's wife Grace has spent the last couple episodes agonizing over her relationship with Ben as compared to that of her mysterious lover, who was finally named as Danny in this episode. Though we have still yet to meet the man (or woman), it is clear Grace is still not fully over their romantic relationship, though she continues to claim it's over. She even says as much to her co-worker, when she tells him it sometimes feels like she's cheating on Danny rather than the other way around. It's unclear how much Danny knows or whether we will ever meet the character, but it's certainly the case that Grace, no matter how much she says otherwise, is not over Danny. She can reassure Ben all she wants, but her relationship with him will never fully heal if she continues to hide the truth about her romantic feelings for Danny and the real extent of their relationship. 

Saanvi's discovery of the hidden truth in the passengers' blood

In a side storyline, Saanvi spent the episode investigating a mysterious genetic factor found in the blood of Flight 828's passengers—at least those who have been hearing the voices. After doing a series of blood tests and researching the results, Saanvi found that it seemed everyone had suffered an ischemic stroke—in other words, the marker was a sign the passengers had been brought to the brink of death and then revived. To continue her research, Saanvi wanted to retrieve some brain tissue from Kelly Taylor, but there were no traces of her body in any morgue—the government had already secreted the body away to do their own tests. It's only a matter of time before the government discovers these strange genetic markers and there's also the question of how it has been affecting the rest of the passengers. Right now, only Saanvi, Ben and Michaela know this secret, and their decision of whether to tell the other passengers or not is sure to have consequences.