Majority of Men Want to See Women Dressed as Kylie Jenner This Halloween

This just in: the males of the world have spoken, and they want to see you dressed as Kylie Jenner this Halloween. In a recent poll conducted by date auction website, more than 61,000 men were asked what costume they most hoped to see women donning at Halloween parties this year. Kylie garnered a whopping 81 percent of the vote.

When reporting their findings, had this to say about Kylie’s signature look: “Known for her voluptuous body, risqué fashion and plump lips, Kylie Jenner has stolen the spotlight from her notorious sisters and women everywhere have been attempting to emulate her.”

Quite the controversy has been brewing lately over the hyper-sexualization of the 18-year-old. But honestly, we’re much more concerned about feeling the need to inform us on this matter. While the results are rather interesting, we certainly won’t be choosing our Halloween costumes based on guys’ opinions and/or suggestions.

Kylie is a perfectly acceptable costume for the woman who wants to dress up like her—solely for her own enjoyment. But Halloween is not about making ourselves up to please the fellas. Sorry, but if we want to dress as Doctor Who, Kylie Jenner or Leslie Knope, we’ll do so…for ourselves!

Thoughts on this poll’s results and if we should care, collegiettes?