This 'Look What You Made Me Do' & 'Bet On It' Mash-Up Will Convince You Taylor Swift Stole Troy Bolton's Song

Could Taylor Swift be looking to our favorite DCOM crush for musical inspiration? I'd be willing to bet on it.

It’s no secret that Tay's latest single, "Look What You Made Me Do," and video are full of shade-throwing. Most fans have been carefully combing the lyrics and video for hidden messages, but YouTuber Jon Cozart caught an overlooked yet crucial detail: "LWYMMD" is eerily similar to High School Musical 2's "Bet On It."

Who doesn't remember "Bet On It"? Troy Bolton running around a golf course vowing to turn his life around because it's time he stops choosing basketball over his friends. Pure magic!

While the lyrics of both songs feature emotional outbursts by singers having an identity crisis, Cozart's "LWYMMD" and "Bet On It" mash-up also sounds scary good. Now if Taylor would’ve included some angsty golf-course choreography in her music video, her transformation into HSM2 Troy would've been complete.