Lindsay Lohan is STILL Stirring Up Trouble

It seems as if the new year is not starting off well for Lindsay Lohan so far. Cosmopolitan reports that the actress has been spotted in New York recently to celebrate her grandmother’s birthday with family and friends, when last Friday, she and her sister Ali ventured to VBar in Manhattan.

Allegedly, the two girls spent 20 minutes in a bathroom before they were asked to leave by a bartender whom Lindsay shouted racial epithets to, saying, “Are you from Ghana?” and spitting on a patron who attempted to calm the situation down.

Finally, after both Lohan sisters left, an account given to Radar Online reported that one of Lohan’s friends tried to return to the restaurant threatening violence against the bartender before the police showed up and told the friend to leave. No charges have been pressed, and though this doesn't bode well for what's to come in 2016, we're hoping it's the worst we'll see from Lindsay.