Lindsay Lohan Narrowly Dodges Jail Time

Phew! That was a close one!

Lindsay Lohan was let off the hook in court today after failed an alcohol test yesterday. She was throwing a rooftop BBQ with some friends. 

Lindsay is currently under house arrest for jewelry theft  that was built on top of several other infractions. Sources told TMZ yesterday that the L.A. Country Probation Department asked Judge Stephanie Saunters to put her in lock down again, but LaLohan rose to the challenge and showed up to court at 10 a.m. this morning in a demure blue collared shirt and and bleach-blonde hair put back in a ponytail. 

Here are the highlights of the action:

- Linds is not allowed to throw parties, and is only allowed to have one friend at a time in her apartment.

- Judge Saunter reportedly said the only thing Lohan is guilty of is "extremely poor judgement." OUCH! But so true. 

-She got off because the alchohol test was not required by previous judge Elden Fox, he only required tests for controlled substances, which Lindsay passed. 

-And now court orders for alcohol and drug testing have lifted, which means she can drink again. Let's hope she won't go back to her old ways with this new freedon.

Sigh. A pop culture blog with news of a Lindsay Lohan drama would hardle be a pop culture blog at all.