Lindsay Ell: What It's Like to Be A Country Music Star in 2018

What is it like to be a female in the country music industry in 2018? Her Campus decided to ask Lindsay Ell, one of this year’s hottest new country artists to share a little about her unique sound and her journey to Billboard’s Best Country Album of 2017. The artist, originally from Canada, has always loved music and started playing the piano at age 6. But at 8-years-old, she decided rocking out to Shania Twain songs was more fun and switched to the guitar. According to Lindsay, she hasn’t stopped since and her guitar is like "another limb off [my] body now.” She plays all the lead guitar parts on her album, The Project, and loves performing on stage.

Growing up, Lindsay looked up to artists such as Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain and Cheryl Crow, who have all inspired her throughout her career. For Lindsay, Shania Twain’s “sexy and classy music” is the “epitomy of girlpower,” and she says the award-winning singer continues to be one of her role models. Lindsay has also gotten the chance to perform with another one of her idols recently, as she was part of Carrie Underwood’s all-girl band for “Dirty Laundy” at the CMAs last year, and gushed about the opportunity to perform with Underwood and show that girls can do what ever they put their minds to.

Since then, her latest single "Criminal" has been climbing the charts, and she’s been on tour with some of the biggest names in the industry. When we asked Lindsay about her unique sound and what inspired her new song, she admitted it hadn’t always been so easy. “When I came to Nashville eight years ago, it took me a minute to find my sound but since working with Christian Bush [producer for country music band Sugarland] he’s really helped me define my sound and make all the puzzle pieces fit together,” she explains.

And her success couldn’t have come at a better time, according to Lindsay. "[It’s] such a good time to be a female artist because fans are wanting to hear what we have to say and write and even though the ratios haven’t been even in the past they are evening out and its so amazing to be a part of that movement.”

For Lindsay, girl power has always been an important message to convey in her music, and she hopes to inspire her fans to follow their hearts and do anything they want. The idea of a strong and independent woman is an example she hopes to set, especially for younger fans listening to her music. And she does just that in her hit, "Champagne," singing, “I can open the door myself, but I love when you do it for me.” When discussing that line, Lindsay says it was no accident that it ended up in the song because she believes that even in a celebrity dream world with Jessica Biel, it’s still important to carry that message on. "It breaks down to women saying, yes this is how I want to be treated, and this is what I believe in and want for myself,” Lindsay says.

The artist continues, “I’m all about girl power and not being afraid to feel confident and I want that for my fans too."

And Lindsay isn’t afraid to get glammed up and show off her confidence, either. When we asked about her sleek style she notes, “I guess I would describe my style as rocker chic if that’s a thing” But the Canadian singer hasn’t always been so sure of herself, and her style has evolved along with her music. “When I first got out to Nashville I was feeling a lot of pressure to dress how other girls were dressing and wear the same shoes," she says. "But now, since I’ve gone through my identity crisis with my music my fashion has changed too. I want to be comfortable on stage and dancing around in 5-inch stiletto heels probably isn’t a thing for me.” Now, instead, she wears sneakers or wedges and says it’s so much more fun that way. Lindsay loves to express herself through fashion, and she has even found it helps her connect with her fans, too. The 29-year-old artist loves wearing blue nail polish, which has become a staple. She says fans have even started tweeting at her about it and are always sharing blue polish looks of their own.

As for her next move, Lindsay can’t wait to perform at the 2018 Stagecoach festival. “Stagecoach is one of my favorite festivals because it’s just so big! You stand on main stage and you can’t see the edge of the audience because it just keeps going and going and going,” she gushes. For this star, the California festival is a chance to have a good time and enjoy the party. "Fans know it’s a place to have a good time and take a break for the weekend, it’s going to be awesome.”