Lin Manuel Miranda Has Shingles & Promised To Keep Wearing A 'Phantom Of The Opera' Mask Until He's Better

Broadway megastar Lin Manual Miranda has been everywhere lately. Including the doctor's office.

Recently, the Hamilton star had complained on twitter of having the worst migraine of his life. The pain was so excruciating that he took himself to the doctor and found out that it wasn't a migraine at all. It was shingles!

He tweeted the diagnosis to his fans:


While at the appointment, the doctor advised that he wear what looked like a Phantom of the Opera mask which had the star tweeting that it made things totally awkward since he's the star of a totally different Broadway show! 

The joke reached all the way to Emmy Rossum (who starred as Christine in the 2005 film adaptation of Phantom) and she said she was available for duets! Now that would be something!

And while the joke is hilarious and he'll have to wear the mask while he recovers, The Los Angeles Times reports that sad news that the diagnosis will prevent him from some serious family time. Miranda was instructed to remain quarantined from his 8-week-old son Francisco so he doesn't spread the virus to the infant. Lin Manuel will be staying with his parents nearby so as to keep his children safe.

We hope you feel better soon, Lin Manuel!