Lili Reinhart Says a Betty & Archie Relationship Will Never Happen on 'Riverdale'

With Season 2 of Riverdale in full swing, several relationships have blossomed, including Bughead's and Varchie's, making the couples one of the best parts of the show. Though I absolutely love Betty and Jughead together, and like Archie and Veronica together too, I still wonder if Betty and Archie will get together at some point.

In Season 1, Betty confessed her feelings for Archie, but Archie didn't reciprocate. Could Barchie happen down the road, though? Lili Reinhart is leaning toward no. "I don't think Betty has feelings for Archie anymore," the actress told TVLine. "I think that's over and done with. She's in love with Jughead and is happy being with him." Well, gee. Over and done with?!

If this sounds like horrible news to you, Lili suggested that Archie might see things differently. You probably noticed Arch was acting especially weird around Betty in the Season 1 finale. Lili had an answer for that. She said Archie could be "wanting something that [he] can't have…He has a wandering eye, you know?" Oh girl, we know.

Lili gave fans a little peace of mind when she said Archie and Betty do have a love for each other—it's just platonic. As for Bughead? She called them a "solid duo," which I can totally work with.

It's a little heartbreaking to know Barchie won't ever happen, not even if Bughead and Varchie fall apart, but for now, this is okay. I want Jughead and Betty to be together more than anything, so that's what matters more.