Lili Reinhart Caught Camila Mendes Stealing Her Girl Scout Cookies & If This Isn't BFF Relatable, Idk What Is

Sneaky sneaky! On Thursday, Riverdale's Camila Mendes shared her mischievous quest for Lili Reinhart's Girl Scout cookies on her Instagram Story. According to TeenVogue, Camila told her followers she had to be "extra sneaky this time," because Lili was home and she's "already on the naughty list"—guessing Camila had already been caught before.

In the video, Camila went on to carefully open the box of Thin Mints, just as she was caught by Lili herself. Thankfully, Lili also recorded the moment so followers could see her sneaking up behind Camila, catching Camila's expression when she turned around and discovered that she was totally caught.


Wait for it

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Despite the theft, we're pretty sure Lili will forgive Camila because let's be real, the two have been major BFF goals.

In 2017, they spoke to Seventeen about the origins of their friendship. "Our friendship wasn't instant" but "once the walls came down and our inner goofballs began to reveal themselves, we were unstoppable," Camila shared. "Now it's almost like we speak our own language." Riverdale's Veronica Lodge also added a sweet sentiment on how Lili taught her the most important aspect of a friendship. "I've learned from Lili that the true value of a friend lies within their ability to listen. A good listener goes a long way," she said.