Let's Start, Start, Start The Party: Kevin Jonas Teased A Third 'R-Rated' 'Camp Rock'

Let this sink in: Camp Rock premiered exactly 10 years ago today. 

If you were taken aback, don't worry — one of the movie's stars was too. According to E! News, Kevin Jonas was surprised by the anniversary, calling it "crazy" and "amazing." 

The best part of his response? He admitted there's been talk of a Camp Rock 3, and not that kind of sequel that would air on Disney Channel. "Never say never," Kevin told E! News. "We talked about it for a minute, doing something ridiculous like an R-rated version now in our life, like a going back to camp kind of thing."

Say whaaaaat? 

Kevin himself said he'd "definitely consider" another film. "It just has to be the right thing," he said. "I can't believe 10 years has actually passed. It makes me feel like I'm getting old." Same.

Apparently, Joe Jonas has discussed the idea of an adult Camp Rock before, too. "If it made sense, sure," Joe told Marie Claire in 2017. "For all of us — Demi [Lovato], Nick [Jonas], it would be funny to do a spin on it. Do the graduating days, make it kinda dark. An adult film."

Hopefully, Demi and Nick feel the same so this can actually happen.