Lena Dunham Thinks Calling Women Plus-Size is Outdated

When you put two comedic masterminds like Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham together, you know you’re going to be in for a good laugh. That was definitely true when Dunham appeared in a sketch alongside Schumer on her show, Inside Amy Schumer. Lena chatted with Cosmopolitan about the sketch—which took on sizeism in such a raw and revealing way—earlier this week.

While the term "plus-size" isn't actually uttered in the sketch, it is easy to make the connection between Schumer's comedic approach to sizeism and the fairly recent run-in she had with Glamour over being included in the magazine's plus-size issue. 

But despite the sketch's intention, Dunham has thoughts of her own when it comes to the label. "I agree with Amy that, it's like, why don't we get rid of that kind of delineation? Like, fashion should be for everyone, and it should be playful and exciting, and it should reflect the span of American women, and women everywhere. So I think it's a little bit outdated."

Lena's body positive rant didn't stop there: "There's nothing wrong with being any size! As long as you feel comfortable with yourself—even if you don't feel comfortable with yourself!—there's nothing wrong with being any size."

PREACH. Body positivity is for everyone, after all.