Lady Gaga & Sexual Assault Survivors from Oscars Performance Get Matching Tattoos

Last weekend, Lady Gaga gave a chilling, emotional performance at the 88th annual Academy Awards (and we're still not over it, TBH). Belting out "Til It Happens To You," the singer brought even more awareness to the seriousness of sexual assualt, especially in regards to Kesha's lawsuit against Dr. Luke. During her performance, Lady Gaga brought out other sexual assualt victims, with words like "Survivor" written across their arms. Afterwards, she took to Twitter to express how she felt following the show. "After my performance last night I felt a weight lifted. Like I didn't have to hide anymore. #TilItHappensToYou," she tweeted

Now, Lady Gaga has done something that will forever connect her to the 50 other survivors that joined her onstage that night. According to Twitter, Gaga and the survivors got matching tattoos, symbolizing their unity. 

Lady Gaga hasn't stopped voicing her concerns over this troubling societal issue either. Change won't happen overnight, but with the steps Gaga has been taking, we hope that the future is brighter for victims of sexual assault.