Lady Gaga Raises Awareness About Sexual Abuse With Emotional Oscars Performance

It’s not every day that the Vice President of the United States steps out on stage at the Oscars. But nevertheless, that’s what happened during tonight’s ceremony.

Vice President Joe Biden appeared briefly for a powerful introduction of Lady Gaga’s stunning performance to come: “Despite significant progress over the last few years, too many women and men on and off college campuses are still victims of sexual abuse.” 

After prompting audience members and viewers at home to take a pledge to “intervene in situations when consent has not or cannot been given,” Biden let Gaga take over and do what she does best. Surrounded by survivors of sexual abuse, she belted out her Oscar-nominated song “Til It Happens to You” from The Hunting Ground. Needless to say, her performance was moving and inspiring in ways you can’t even imagine if you didn’t watch for yourself.

Gaga’s raw, emotional delivery, along with the actual victims of sexual abuse on stage with her, ensured that no one left without feeling the deep pain and the long unanswered call to action she was attempting to convey. As college students, we realize the dangers of ignoring this unbelievably unfair yet very real circumstance. Seeing this message broadcast on such a broad platform, it seems we're finally no longer afraid to have this much overdue conversation. The multitude of survivors who stood alongside Gaga—and the sad volume of those who could not be there—are living proof that it’s way past time to change the culture.

Gaga shared this sweet snap on Instagram after her performance, reminding us just how much this topic hits home for her. We can't think of anyone better to raise her voice in such a meaningful manner and leave us all in tears.