Kylie Jenner Revealed The Name Of Her Daughter Crushing Fan Theories & Sending The Internet Into A Frenzy

Kylie Jenner posted an adorable Instagram picture of her newborn daughter holding Kylie's (perfectly manicured) finger, but the most exciting part was the caption, which read: "stormi 👼🏽"


stormi 👼🏽

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Kris Jenner reposted the photo on both Twitter and Instagram, adding "Meet my precious granddaughter Stormi! I love you endlessly," with a slew of pretty pink heart emojis. 

And Kim tweeted a simple emoji.

Fans had previously theorized a variety of names for Kylie and Travis Scott's new daughter, born February 1. Due to Kylie often wearing butterflies and even choosing to decorate her daughter's room with them, many thought that the name would be some form of the word.

It was because of these innovative theories that when Kylie dropped the news today, some were a little disappointed.

Others still managed to intertwine what everyone previously thought with Kylie's actual decision.

Regardless, we're glad the mystery is over. Congrats, Kylie!