Kris Jenner Confronts Scott Disick About Him Dating Sophia Richie & Things Got Awkward

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie have been posting couple-esque photos on Instagram for awhile now, but the relationship between the two has never been publicly addressed by any of the Kardashians — let alone their show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians

That's about to change, though. A clip from Sunday’s episode shows Kris trying to find out the truth, and Scott pretty quickly admits it. The conversation probably could have been accomplished by Kris just asking if they were dating, as when she finally did he didn’t even try to lie.

In the clip, Kris points out the 15 year age difference between Richie, 19, and Disick, 34. 


But while that's a real concern for some — especially critics of the relationship — Kris doesn't really have room to talk. She admitted to dating Robert Kardashian when she was underage, and they also had a 12 year age gap.

While Kris may not judge the relationship, Kendall Jenner has subtly dissed Sofia before. Not only have fans have drawn a connection between Kendall naming her horse Dragon after Richie’s horse — also named Dragon — died, she also made a shady comment on Instagram.

Kendall might care about the age gap, but Scott and Sofia don’t seem to. Sofia attended a family dinner with Scott and his daughter Penelope back in January. We’ll have to keep watching to find out whether the family ends up accepting the couple.