Kim Kardashian West Blocked the Snake Emoji on Instagram After Taylor Swift's New Album Announcement

While many Taylor Swift fans are freaking out over her ~revolutionary~ comeback, we can't help but watch the Kardashian-West family to see how they're reacting to the not-so-subtle shade thrown at them. The couple hasn't officially commented on the matter, but it's safe to assume they can't be too pleased about the way Swift has completely transformed the snake insult they once used against her. 

Ever since Kim Kardashian West had her "hissy" fit (get it?) last July, the snake emoji has flooded Swift's social media feed. In case you need a little reminder, KKW had a viral tweet about it being National Snake Day after she had just "exposed" Taylor on Snapchat over her apparent knowledge of being included in Kanye's hit song "Famous." The whole saga is hard to follow, but if one thing’s for sure—a lot of people used the snake emoji to insult Swift. 

But now that Swift has used a snake to cleverly announce her highly anticipated new album, Swifties have taken to Twitter to send thousands of snake emojis to Kim. Not so funny now, is it Kim? 

Even though Kim can't control the way people reply to her tweets, her Instagram settings have evidently been changed to block any comments with the snake emoji, BuzzFeed reports. Despite this setback, Swift's fans have still managed to flood her comment sections with a similar emoji—a dragon. 

Swift's actions on social media the past week have been unlike anything else we've seen before, and I'm sure Kim and Kanye were just as surprised as we were about the entire situation. Their social media is surely going to blow up once her new single "Reputation" is released, especially if it acknowledges their drama—which, let's face it, it definitely will!