Kelly Clarkson Shares Her Side of the Dr. Luke Story

Amidst all of Kesha's drama with Dr. Luke, Kelly Clarkson is sharing her side of the story, as she openly claims that she was forced to work with the producer. “The last time I worked with him I got blackmailed by my label,” she explained to Australia’s Kyle & Jackie O Show. "They were like, 'We will not put your album out if you don't do this.' It was really hard for me. I try to make the best of the situation." The infamous producer worked with Clarkson on her hit songs, "Since U Been Gone" and "My Life Would Suck Without You."

She also makes clear that working with Dr. Luke put a monumental strain on her life, as he is known to have a less-than-enthusiastic attitude when working with recording artists. However, despite this information, a source told E! News that Clarkson actually requested to work with the producer on more than one occasion. "Luke was asked to work with her and that Kelly had actually returned to do more music with him," the source explained. 

Clarkson did clarify that she never experienced the abuse that Kesha suffered. When Clarkson was asked why she didn’t come forward, she told the entertainment outlet that she didn’t know the full extent of Kesha’s situation—which is understandable, but this could be very pertinent information regarding Kesha’s overall case.

Dr. Luke continues to deny all of the allegations made against him regarding the Kesha case. In the end, Clarkson admits that she worked with Dr. Luke because she did not want to hurt those involved. "Sometimes you have to make decisions that you just have to swallow that pill."

Do you think Kelly made the right decision, collegiettes?