Josh Peck Made a Visit to the Original 'Drake & Josh' House & My Childhood Is Still Alive & Well

I’m not sure about you, but Drake & Josh was basically my entire childhood, so I’m fangirling over this news.

According to Seventeen, the house shown on Drake & Josh is for sale for a whopping $1.85 million. Yeah, it’s a little nicer than the show made it seem since it has five bedrooms, yet Drake and Josh had to share the attic.

That’s because the house we all remember was only used for exterior shots, but the rest of the show was filmed at Nickelodeon Studios. Anyway, Drake Bell first noticed the house was for sale and shared the news on Twitter. Then, Josh Peck’s friend David Dobrik decided to surprise him, Cosmpolitan says. David, a Youtuber and Drake & Josh superfan-turned-Josh’s BFF, blindfolded Josh and brought him to the house. He recorded the whole reveal for his vlog, including Josh running to the door screaming, "Mom, I’m home!"

Josh was a little confused why the house was so nice compared to the set’s version of the interior. "And we had to share the fucking attic?! Thanks a lot, Mom and Dad!" he joked in response to finding out the house has five bedrooms.

Both David and Josh shared heartwarming Instagrams of the adventure and now I’m crying.