John Oliver Asked Emmy Viewers to Use the Hashtag 'DC Public Schools,' & Now It's Trending on Twitter

While accepting his Emmy award for Best Writing for a Variety Series on Sunday night, Last Week Tonight star John Oliver used his moment at the microphone to reference Dave Chappelle earlier in the show. I wouldn't say that referencing Chappelle is the norm for most people, but this turned out to be a great exception.

When Chappelle explained that he missed Emmys rehearsals and had to rely on the teleprompter while presenting an award, the D.C. native threw in a thank you to the area's public school system.

Little did he know, Oliver was paying attention to Chappelle's shoutout. Although it's unclear if he meant to create serious awareness, he said in his speech, "I would like to unexpectedly thank D.C. public schools, because I think it would be great if it started trending on Twitter for no reason tonight whatsoever. If you're tweeting about the Emmys at home, please use [the] hashtag 'D.C. Public Schools.'"

As any millennial would expect, Twitter responded thoroughly and happily.

The actual Twitter account for the D.C. public school system even responded to the shoutout. 

The hashtag is even being used in tweets completely unrelated to Oliver and Chappelle's shoutouts. What a deserving organization to get some attention!