Jimmy Kimmel Is Definitely Not A Fan Of Krystal From 'The Bachelor'

Krystal, one of the contestants on this season’s The Bachelor, did not receive a rose on Monday night’s episode that took place in Paris and was therefore eliminated. Sent home in the city of love? Ouch.

Krystal is a 29-year-old fitness coach who has been proclaimed this season’s "villain." In other words, not many people were sad to see her go.

Apparently, Jimmy Kimmel was one of them. He didn’t think her failure to find love was humiliation enough, so he created a video montage of the weirdest, most unforgettable noises she made throughout the show. Who would’ve thought Kimmel was this invested in The Bachelor?!

Kimmel added that Krystal has "...the single most annoying voice in not just Bachelor, but television history.” He sounds pretty ruthless, right? But, if you watch the clips, you’ll understand why Krystal’s voice clearly shook Kimmel to his core. 

Now that she's gone, the remaining ladies are one step closer to winning Arie's love. In her own infamous, ear-piercing words, buhhhbyee Krystal!