Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone Became BFFs in the Best Way

As if we didn't love Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone enough individually, I guess it just makes sense that the two are thicker than thieves. As expected though, their friendship couldn't begin without a hilarious story behind it.

Stone and Lawrence share more than their ability to snag Oscars before the age of 30: weirdly enough, a mysterious Hollywood mis-dialer became the launchpad for their friendship.

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In a joint interview with W Magazine (which I can confidently say bettered my life), the actresses detailed the first time they realized that they weren't the only ones receiving accidental texts from the same stalker, who referred to himself as "John" in the identical "accidental" texts he'd send them.

"He would text us both and say things like 'I'm running late on my way to the soundstage. Can you warm up the orchestra for me? Text me back and let me know you got this,'" Lawrence said in the interview

After texting — and only texting — for a year, Stone and Lawrence finally decided to meet in person. It all sounds very Catfish to me, and they must have been thinking the same. As their initial in-person meeting grew closer, they finally connected for a phone call, both harboring the irrational fear that they were about to come face-to-face with their “stalker”: John the Orchestra Guy

“He wasn't really a stalker. He’s just this guy that has a lot of people's numbers. He must have worked at a studio or something,” Stone said.

While we can’t give this John guy credit for this friendship, I’m glad we have his story to make it that much better.