'Jane the Virgin' Mid-Season Thoughts: Jane's Telenovela Love Story is Coming

Emotions were running high during the mid-season finale of Jane the Virgin last Friday. As the Villanueva women head out on a road trip for the Snow Falling book tour, viewers were reminded of several crucial moments in Jane's life. Throughout the series, our heroine has not always been the confident badass we aspire to resemble. But every time Jane is at her most vulnerable, there is always one person around to offer a boost of encouragement: Rafael.

Jane and Rafael's relationship may be unconventional, to say the least, but her accidental inseminator has turned out to be a significant force in her life. For starters, Rafael was the first person to whom Jane ever admitted that she is a writer. Before they even knew each other, Rafael encouraged Jane to pursue her passion, thus the beginning of Snow Falling. After Michael's death, Jane almost called it quits on her first novel, especially when Michael's mother denied approval. Once again, Rafael was there to give her the push that she didn't know she needed, by single handedly fighting for Jane's manuscript and gaining Patricia's blessing. And this week, when Jane was nervous about going on her first ever book tour, Rafael reassured her of how great she is, as a writer and as a person. Do you see a pattern here?

So let's talk about that kiss. Spoiler alert: "Chapter Seventy-One" left fans with a much anticipated, whirlwind kiss between Jane and Rafael. The romantic moment got me thinking, is Rafael Solano the man Jane is destined to be with? Aside from the fact that the characters have a son together, the mid-season finale proved that Raf has remained consistent during the highest and lowest points of Jane's life. No matter how far Jane wanders into other romances, whether it be a marriage or testing an old flame, she always finds her way back to Rafael. Plus, the pair are an incredible co-parenting team who make adorable children. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but how awesome would it be if Mateo had a sibling?

Since we met her, all the event's of Jane's life have been leading to her happy ending: a telenovela love story of her own. We thought she found that love with Michael, and then with her baby daddy, Rafael, and again with a ghost from relationship's past, Adam. If the first half of season four has taught us anything, it's that Jane is still very much mourning over Michael, Adam is clearly not the man for her, and a romance with Rafael is still a possibility. Snow Falling seems like a prequel to the love that sticks. Pun intended.