‘Jane The Virgin' Is Getting A Spinoff, But It’s Not What We Were Expecting

We’ve been grieving ever since it was announced last May that the fifth season of Jane the Virgin would be the show’s last. But the latest JTV-related news from The CW has lifted us out of our mourning period.

On Monday, a rep for The CW announced that Jane the Virgin will be getting its own spinoff series. While it will be related to the show in some ways, it unfortunately won’t be following the story of any of the characters we’ve come to know and love.



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Although not many details about the show's plot have been revealed yet, Variety reports that the series will be an anthology, with each season following a story written by Jane's lead character Jane Villanueva. And though Jane won’t be physically in the show, there’s a rumor that Gina Rodriguez might be set to narrate it. (Which, obviously, we're all down for). 

Additionally, Rodriguez is listed as an executive producer for the show, along with creator of Jane the Virgin Jennie Snyder Urman. The original show’s writer, Valentina Garza, is also on board for the spinoff.

Even though we won’t be seeing much of Jane and Rafael in the spinoff, we can at least be comforted by the thought of a new cast of characters filling the void once the final season of Jane comes to an end.